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A five-point plan for building the world’s best tower cranes

Manitowoc’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China, builds tower cranes for use across the globe. To ensure it continues to set the standard for innovation and performance the company is using a five-point operational plan.

Since opening in 2006, Manitowoc’s state-of-the-art factory in Zhangjiagang, China has consistently delivered the highest quality tower cranes. The cranes can be found on jobsites right across the globe, from Asia to Africa, via the Middle East, and on to Latin America.

Every crane manufactured at the Zhangjiagang plant embodies the factory’s philosophy of merging innovation with operational excellence.

“Zhangjiagang employs the latest technologies so we build better cranes, and we can be sure they will deliver the best performance on site. Our designs and innovations are continuously improving, and we’re including more intelligent and automated technologies,” explained Brian Wang, SVP of Emerging Markets at Manitowoc. “So we need to ensure that our production facilities keep pace with our design innovation.”

To uphold its leadership in lifting and innovation for tower cranes, the Zhangjiagang plant implements a five-point quality plan to continuously improve processes as well as culture, skills, and management.

Zhangjiagang’s Quality Department Manager Zhifei Wang shared some details of the plan:

Recognizing team contributions

An ongoing program of recognizing and rewarding employees who exemplify dedication to quality improvement. This helps keep engagement levels high and fosters a culture of excellence.


Auditing the auditors

By providing internal auditors with the latest tools, training, and techniques, Manitowoc ensures the highest standards remain at all times.


Cultivating the welding craft

By focusing on craftsmanship and continuous improvement among welders, the company has created a platform to showcase talent and foster knowledge exchange in this critical aspect of manufacturing.


Voice of the Customer

As with so many areas of Manitowoc’s operations, the feedback from the Voice of the Customer process is crucial to driving continuous product improvement.


Strong supplier management

To ensure a robust supply chain, Manitowoc rigorously evaluates suppliers on a regular basis, checking performance, quality, and alignment with company values.

As Potain cranes become more advanced, they are equipped with more sensors and control systems for better operational control, fewer human errors, and enhanced overall efficiency. Having the five-point plan helps the production line keep pace with the design enhancements.

“The pursuit of quality at Zhangjiagang is driven by a long-term commitment to The Manitowoc Way,” said Brian Wang. “The factory is centered on ‘intelligent manufacturing,’ so our production is an enriching and living process where each technological breakthrough and managerial innovation, feeds back into quality improvement.”

ZJG marvel


The Zhangjiagang plant’s 60,000 sq m facility serves as a global hub for Potain tower cranes, catering to diverse projects worldwide. With over half of its output exported, the facility’s contribution to global infrastructure development is unparalleled.

Manitowoc’s history in Chinese manufacturing dates back to 1984 and through strategic alliances and unwavering dedication to quality, Manitowoc has cemented its position as a leader in the industry.

The company’s five-point plan at Zhangjiagang underscores this commitment to excellence and ensures the company will remain at the forefront of innovation and reliability long into the future.


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