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Better together: the greatest tandem lifts of the past year

Looking Up rounds up three of the past year's greatest multi-crane Grove and Manitowoc lifts.

Cranes from Grove and Manitowoc are the number one choice on countless jobsites across the world. And when the lifting work gets too big for one crane by itself? Simple, just team them up! In this feature, we look back at some of the most impressive multi-crane lifts involving Manitowoc and Grove cranes from 2022.


R&D Crane used a tandem lift to install a new bridge in Toronto. A Manitowoc Model 16000 crawler crane and three Grove all-terrain models combined to lift a 466.6 t (514.3 USt) bridge section onto self-propelled transporter for later unloading and installation. The lift was completed seamlessly within four hours, with the cranes and their operators working in total harmony.


Spanish rental company Tinlohi deployed its Grove cranes in tandem on a wind farm and then at an industrial plant, delivering dependable control to move fragile components to a staging area inside a working facility. Both projects were completed without a hitch. To dismantle the wind turbine, the cranes completed the job in less than a day — including all set-up and tear-down.


In September 2022, Merkel Autokrane used a Grove GMK5250XL-1 and a GMK5250L to lift precast concrete beams for a new parking garage at the offices of a major online retailer in Bamberg, Germany. The two all-terrain cranes worked seamlessly together, installing the beams in just one day.


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