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First customer feedback from around the world on the Grove GMK3060L-1

Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin from Germany, Groupe Cayon from France and KAS Crane Hire from the UK are the first customers in Europe to receive the Grove GMK3060L-1 all-terrain crane. Meanwhile, the GMK3060L-1 is the first crane in the fleet for new crane rental company Adam’s Crane in New Zealand.Their feedback confirms the 60 t three-axle crane as a powerful machine, offering operators an extremely comfortable ride.

Adam’s Crane’s new Grove GMK3060L-1 en route from Hamilton to Nelson in New Zealand.

Since its launch at the end of 2020, the Grove GMK3060L-1 all-terrain crane has set a new benchmark for three-axle taxi cranes. The new 60 t model combines a powerful seven-section, 48 m long MEGAFORM main boom with a compact carrier only 8.7 m long and 2.55 m wide.

Furthermore, the three-axle crane comes with the new generation Grove carrier cab that is ECE R29-3 approved and meets all the latest European crash test requirements. The taxi crane can drive with up to 7.5 t counterweight within 12 t per axle and 13.5 t of counterweight within 16.5 t per axle. This makes the Grove GMK3060L-1 perfect for traveling to and working on a wide variety of jobsites, even in tight inner-city locations. Once on site, the Manitowoc CCS (Crane Control System) with boom configurator ensures fast and efficient set-up.

So what do the first customers think of it?

Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin, Germany

Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin was the first customer in Germany to receive a GMK3060L-1 all-terrain crane with the new Grove carrier cab. The Waldaschaff, Lower Franconia-based company specializes in the rental of mobile cranes, work platforms, forklift trucks and excavators and has been a Grove customer throughout its more than 15-year existence. In addition to the new GMK3060L-1, Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin also operates a GMK3055 and GMK4100L-1. 

Alex Gagarin, director and owner of Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin, said: “The new carrier cab makes the 60-tonner from Grove look like a big crane and when you sit inside you get a real feeling of space. I noticed straight away that the operation of the GMK3060L-1 is extremely quiet compared to other cranes, so my crane operators will definitely arrive at the jobsite relaxed.” 

Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin’s Grove GMK3060L-1 in Germany.

Stefan Hufgart, crane operator at Arbeitsbühnen Gagarin, added: “The controls inside the new Grove carrier cab are clearly arranged and easy to reach. In our job, we spend a lot of time in the carrier cab – especially in a crane such as our new 60-tonner, which we will use as a taxi crane to drive from one jobsite to the next. With the new GMK3060L-1, I can get to the next jobsite in comfort.” 

KAS Crane Hire, UK

KAS Crane Hire from Devon has received a new Grove GMK3060L-1 to replace an old GMK3055, which has proved a busy member of the company’s fleet along with a GMK4100L-1 purchased in 2019. The family-run firm has been supplying reliable modern cranes, ancillary equipment and skilled operators in the southwest of England since 1983, offering a choice of five cranes ranging from 40 to 100 t in capacity.

Andrew Smith, director of KAS, said: “We looked at all the literature for the GMK3060L-1 and compared it to brochures from other manufacturers and the GMK3060L-1 was the best crane for us.  The quality of Grove cranes is superb, and we’ve had such a great experience with brand. When our operator pulled into the yard after his first job with the GMK3060L-1, he had the biggest smile on his face.” 

KAS Crane Hire’s GMK3060L-1 in the UK.

Tom Edwards, operator of the new GMK3060L-1, added: “I’m really pleased with the new GMK3060L-1. It’s second to none on the road.”

Groupe Cayon, France

French transport specialist Groupe Cayon, meanwhile, has taken delivery of three new Grove GMK3060L-1 all-terrain cranes. A Manitowoc customer of 10 years, the company was founded in Chalon-sur-Saône in 1925, employs 700 people and operates a fleet of almost 1,400 vehicles, including 25 cranes. Groupe Cayon is currently expanding its crane services and has also ordered a new Grove GMK5150L-1 to be delivered in 2022.

One of Groupe Cayon’s new GMK3060L-1 cranes in France.

Julien Cayon, director of Groupe Cayon, said: “When choosing a new model for our fleet, it was also important to select a mobile crane that complies with road regulations and travels well between jobsites. We were very impressed by the new carrier cab design on the GMK3060L-1, which will make travel more comfortable for the operators. It’s more comfortable than ever before.”

Adam’s Crane, New Zealand

Adam Gausel from Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand chose the Grove GMK3060L-1 to start his new mobile crane hire company Adam’s Crane. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Adam knows more than a thing or two about cranes and chose the new GMK3060L-1 for its long 48 m boom, compact size, excellent all-terrain capabilities and fuel-efficient engine. Adam was also pleased to have the options of a radio-control feature and the MAXbase variable outrigger positioning, plus the ability for the crane to tow its own counterweight trailer, which is important on New Zealand’s roads.

Adam picked up his crane from New Zealand Grove dealer TRT in Hamilton on the North Island and drove it 525 km south to Wellington to catch a ferry (4 hours and 100 km) to the South Island where he drove it a further 140 km to his home base.

Adam’s Crane’s new Grove GMK3060L-1.

“Big thanks to TRT for working through the commissioning of the crane. It was a buzz to drive with it and travel back down to Nelson. It was a long journey but the comfortable carrier cab on the GMK3060L-1 made it an absolute pleasure. Adam’s Crane is now open for business!” he said.

One month on, Adam’s 60 t three-axle all terrain crane from Grove has attracted plenty of attention in Nelson. “The Grove GMK3060L-1 is a bit of a head turner here in Nelson with the new cab and it’s the first crane in the city with a counterweight trailer. The main innovation that is setting it apart is the radio control function and I am challenging some traditional thinking by operating the crane from the ground rather than in the cab for the bulk of the work I do,” he said.

“This is my first crane purchase but having dealt with TRT in previous roles I knew I’d get the right result with them,” he continued. “The crane team provides a great service and I hope to continue the relationship with TRT into the future.”

Please visit the Manitowoc website for more information on the Grove GMK3060L-1 all-terrain crane.


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