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First Grove GMK6300L-1 in Singapore impresses on debut

Tiong Woon Crane & Transport is a well-known brand in the heavy lifting and haulage industry in Singapore. The company’s latest Manitowoc addition is a Grove GMK6300L-1, and it is already proving popular.

Tiong Woon Crane & Transport received a Grove GMK6300L-1 last year. The company is a long-standing Manitowoc customer and already has in its fleet several GMK6300L cranes – the hugely popular predecessor to the GMK6300L-1.

Having positive experiences with the GMK6300L machines meant it was a relatively easy decision for the company to add this latest model. Not only because of the faith Tiong Woon had in the crane’s quality and reliability, but the good relationship it has with the team at Manitowoc.

“We selected Manitowoc because of the quick lead time for crane delivery and the competitive pricing that Manitowoc offers,” said Michael Ang, CEO of Tiong Woon Crane & Transport. “Besides, it’s a company that listens to its customers and makes improvements according to our feedback.”

Since arriving in Singapore, the GMK6300L-1 has been working flat out on a range of tasks. Among its duties is lifting large industrial components at energy and oil & gas facilities. With its long telescopic boom and working radius, the GMK6300L-1 can lift the heavy components quickly and precisely.

“The GMK6300L-1 is ideal for working in refineries as it has a telescopic boom length of 80 m (263 ft). When fully extended, the boom has a very strong capacity of 14 t (15 USt) with a working radius between 14 m and 28 m (46 ft and 92 ft),” said Michael Ang. “Another great feature on the Grove all-terrain crane is its ability to put 21 t (23 USt) counterweight on the chassis when travelling, which is useful.”

The 300 t-rated (350 USt-rated) GMK6300L-1 features a maximum tip height of 120 m (394 ft) when working with its full 80 m (263 ft) main boom and 37 m (121 ft) of jib. When lifting with the main boom, it can lift up to 14 t (15 USt) at full height and can handle this within a 14 m - 28 m (46 ft and 92 ft) working radius, offering a flexible range of applications.

To learn more about the GMK6300L-1, click here.


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