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Five ways the new Potain Igo T 99 can boost efficiency

Potain has introduced the new Igo T 99, a versatile self-erecting crane. Here we explore five ways the crane’s compact design, increased capacity and reach can boost customers’ efficiency.

1. Hit the road

Its travel dimensions make the Igo T 99 easy to transport, enabling customers to bid and complete more jobs. The crane has a total transport length of just 15.65 m (51.5 ft) and height of only 4 m (13 ft) when fitted with 80 km axles (50 mph). It is compatible with all current Potain Igo and Igo T transport axles, which adds versatility for customers with more than one Igo in their fleet.

2. Set up anywhere

The Potain Igo series is known worldwide for its compact footprint, and the new Igo T 99 is no exception. It comes with the same efficient design, enabling the crane to work on constricted jobsites. Its footprint measures just 4.5 m x 4.5 m (14.7 ft x 14.7 ft) when erected, and its intelligent unfolding mechanism allows it to be installed in the tightest spaces, even close to buildings.

3. Simple start

With Potain Smart Set-Up software, operators can fully assemble and disassemble the crane using only its remote control, helping them get to work easier and faster. A large 2.4 inch color screen shows step-by-step progress through an intuitive interface and optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to use. At the end of the job, preparing to leave is equally straightforward.

4. Lift more, reach further

With improved capacity and reach, the new Igo T 99 is a versatile addition to customers’ fleets. The crane features an impressive 6 t (6.6 USt) maximum capacity and maximum reach of 48 m (157 ft). With the jib extended to its maximum of 48 m (157 ft), it can lift 1.2 t (1.3 USt) at the jib tip.

The new Igo T 99 features plenty of vertical reach, too. Its height-under-hook extends to

38.5 m (126 ft) at the horizontal, and when it is

raised to 30°, it can reach heights of up to 56.5 m (185 ft).

5. Get the job done

Customers will benefit from the Igo T 99’s quick and productive operation. High-Performance Lifting (HPL) technology delivers high-speed hoisting even when working at maximum load and various speeds can be selected to match the operation.

Manitowoc’s CraneSTAR® Diag tool makes it easy to keep the Igo T 99 running, as it provides real-time information on the crane’s

working hours, greasing levels, troubleshooting, maintenance and much more.


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