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Giving crane owners more: EnCORE

Manitowoc is well-known for its exceptional after-sales support and close partnership with its customers. One example is EnCORE, which helps customers extend the life of their machines through refurbishment, offering even stronger return on investment and longer lifetime performance.

EnCORE is an example of how Manitowoc is delivering more value to customers through excellent aftermarket support. Manitowoc’s industry-leading rebuild and remanufacturing program gives cranes a second life, extending their productivity and helping owners earn more money. Each EnCORE rebuild comes with one year warranty on return to the customer.

Because each project is unique, the rebuild team create a unique refurbishment program based on the individual requirements of the crane. The work incorporates a comprehensive repair and replacement program covering hydraulic cylinders and crane structure, through to motors and gearboxes and on to hydraulic, mechanical, electrical systems and more. On top of this, the crane’s technology is updated to the latest iteration and only Manitowoc-approved OEM parts are selected.

Because EnCORE takes advantage of Manitowoc’s manufacturing expertise, customers get added reassurance knowing their cranes have been restored to original engineering specifications. Click below to see some impressive rebuilds from down the years of EnCORE’s long history.


Grove GMK6250L

LOCAR, one of Latin America’s biggest transportation and crane rental companies, chose the EnCORE program to overhaul a Grove GMK6250L that fell into the port of Rio de Janeiro. The crane was heavily damaged by saltwater and had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Manitowoc’s EnCORE team in Brazil dismantled and washed the GMK6250L before rebuilding it with brand-new parts. This involved replacing all the electrical components and performing structural repairs. The crane was then repainted, load tested and delivered to LOCAR – all within nine months.

With this refurbishment by EnCORE, LOCAR was able to save 40 per cent of the cost compared to purchasing a new crane, while retaining ownership of a crane they had been using for years.


Manitowoc Model 888

In the U.S., Turner Industries Group, an industrial contractor involved in petrochemical projects, used EnCORE to refurbish a Manitowoc Model 888 that had been in use since 1996. A key reason the company chose to refurbish the crane was to continue using the attachments that were purchased for the machine. These included a fixed jib, luffing jib, and capacity-enhancing RINGER attachment. At the same time, the company was able to save about half the cost of a new crane.

For refurbishment, the crane was disassembled to its frames, weldments were inspected, and new components were installed. All replacement parts were genuine Manitowoc Crane Care products installed by qualified technicians and welders.


Potain GTMR 331 B

Swiss Potain dealer Stirnimann engaged the EnCORE program to get several old Potain GTMR 331 B self-erecting cranes fit for its rental fleet. The EnCORE facility completely dismantled these cranes with each part inspected, refurbished or replaced as needed. At the same time, the structural elements of the cranes were sandblasted, prepared and repainted, while new electrical cabinets with updated wiring systems were installed.

Beyond bringing the crane back to a ‘like-new’ condition, Stirnimann was also able to update the cranes to the latest LVF technologies. The EnCORE team replaced the cranes’ lifting mechanism with a new frequency-controlled 20TDLVF10 for better control and mobility, as well as reduced power consumption.


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