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Grove. Real. Tough.

Grove GRT 655L

The latest generation of rough-terrain cranes from Grove set new standards for quality, reliability and performance.

Debuting at bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany, the GRT8100 and GRT880 embodiedthe innovation and velocity at the core of The Manitowoc Way. The pair were the first cranes to sport the new GRT (Grove Rough Terrain) designation and were later followed by the long-boom GRT655L, which was introduced at CONEXPO 2017, along with its sister model, the regular-boom GRT655.

Manitowoc designed and built each of the cranes following extensive customer research, incorporating discussions with rental companies, owners and end-users. This methodology is referred to as the Voice of the Customer, a research process that ensures cranes are developed and delivered with customer feedback in mind. The launches of each of the cranes were also notable for the speed at which they were completed, with the whole process wrapped up inside a period of a few months.

In 2018, Manitowoc took a further step forward with RT crane production under The Manitowoc Way, adding a manufacturing line for the GRT8100 and the GRT880 at its plant in Italy. Adding this capability to the facility in Niella Tanaro translates to measurable benefits for customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, including shorter lead times and lower shipping costs, with the same high-quality build and specifications as the rough-terrain cranes manufactured in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, U.S. Indeed, it has proven such a success that the company is now adding production of the GRT655 and GRT655L models to Niella Tanaro.

“This project was made possible thanks to the successful and effective collaboration between the teams in Shady Grove and Niella Tanaro,” said John Bair, product manager for rough-terrain cranes at Manitowoc. “It’s a true testament to the spirit of The Manitowoc Way, and the innovation and velocity it delivers to customers.”

Grove GRT8100

GRT8100: exceptional construction

The GRT8100 was designed to reflect the needs of the global market and customer base, with a 47 m (154 ft), five-section main boom for better reach and versatility. It also features a tilting cab, impressive load charts and extensive component testing. The last point is particularly important, with the development of the GRT8100 benefiting from in-depth component and machine testing at the Manitowoc Product Verification Center (PVC) in Shady Grove. The result is a crane that is already demonstrating advanced levels of uptime on the job site and reduced warranty claims.

The GRT8100 is manufactured both at the Manitowoc plant in Niella Tanaro and the Shady Grove factory. As with all new Grove rough-terrain cranes, it features the Crane Control System (CCS), with its user-friendly interface, for faster and more efficient operations. It can lift up to 100 t (100 USt) with best-in-class reach of up to 73 m (239.4 ft) when working with a full complement of boom extension and insert options. Other lifting options include the 3 m (9.8 ft) heavy-duty jib that can be offset to 40 degrees, for even greater versatility.

Grove GRT 880

GRT880: powerful performance

Like the GRT8100, the GRT880 has several class-leading capabilities plus the CCS interface. The 80 (80 USt) capacity model has a 41 m (135 ft) boom, which is significantly lighter than other cranes in its class. This not only enables it to lift more, but also contributes to its exceptional reach, with the 41.1 m (134.8 ft) boom capable of extending up to a maximum tip height of 68 m (223 ft) when using its offsettable boom and fly extensions. These enable customers to lift heavier loads to greater heights, which in turn allows them to bid on projects that were not previously accessible.

The boom extension stowage system forthe unit’s manual, offsettable jib offers valuable time-saving capabilities, too. This option decreases erection and stowage time for the crane by up to 60 percent when compared with previous generations of Grove cranes. Faster setup and teardown means greater return on investment for owners, boosting their bottom line.

GRT655: outstanding versatility

Rounding out the new generation of Grove rough-terrain cranes is the long-boom GRT655L and its regular-boom version, the GRT655. This 51 t (55 USt) capacity model has a 43 m (141 ft) boom on the GRT655L and a 34.8 m (114 ft) boom on the GRT655. For the GRT655L, the tip height can be extended up to 60 m (196 ft), which is a reach advantage of 8 m (27.3 ft) over the closest-competing model.

The longer boom of the GRT655L gives it a maximum working radius of 36 m (120 ft), while its lift capability is 3 percent greater than competing cranes at that radius, with improved maneuverability. With these features, and a compact footprint of 3 m (9.8 ft) by 13 m (41.9 ft), this model is ideal for job sites with limited workspace that require a reliable, versatile and flexible crane.

Practice what you preach

For Manitowoc, the introduction of the new Grove rough-terrain cranes is about retaining its place as the world’s leading supplier of RT cranes. That’s why the company is backing up its words with actions, offering a standard two-year warranty on all three models, with the option to extend that up to five years. The warranty was introduced to ensure the improved reliability of rough-terrain cranes, and it is a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers to provide cranes that deliver increased uptime and a better user experience for operators.

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