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Grove top 10 crane models

As part of Grove’s 75th-anniversary celebrations in 2022, Looking Up has picked out the 10 most revolutionary models that shaped the company’s enduring reputation for quality, innovation, and dependability. Which models would you nominate?



(1982 – 1987)

The largest rough-terrain that Grove had ever built at the time, the RT1650 remains the only four-axle Grove rough-terrain model ever manufactured. It offered a 110 USt (100 t) pick-and-carry capacity.



(1981 – 1990)

The TM3000 is the largest truck crane ever manufactured by Grove. The 300 USt (250 t) was the true giant of its day.



(1965 – 2002)

The RT58 is the longest-running crane in the company’s history. Introduced in 1965, the RT58 Series was sold through 2003. Many RT58s are still at work in the field today.



(1994 – 1997)

The distinctive Grove CM20 was a higher-speed telecrawler built in the 1990s specifically for Chicago Bridge & Iron.



(2019 – Present)

Introduced in 2019, the GRT9165 is Grove’s largest rough-terrain crane currently in production. It was designed based on direct feedback from crane owners and operators, with a class-leading 62,5 m (205 ft) main boom and load charts plus the intuitive Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS).



(2002 – Present)

The GMK7550 is the longest-running Grove all-terrain crane and the biggest unit in the range. It was designed in collaboration between the company’s Shady Grove offices in the U.S. and Wilhelmshaven offices in Germany.



(2011 – Present)

A best-selling crane in its class, the Grove GMK6300L sets new benchmarks for what all-terrain cranes can do. The 300-ton crane was the culmination of customer feedback integrated into its design and strong teamwork by the product development and manufacturing groups.



(2016 – Present)

The GRT8100 is the first GRT model and Grove’s first crane built with the full capabilities of Manitowoc’s PVC (Product Verification Center) and its rigorous testing requirements.



(2008 – Present)

Not exactly one crane but an evolution of a continuous class leader in the truck crane segment. The TMS9000-2, launched in 2017, is the direct result of Grove’s renewed focus on Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback.



(1982 – Present)

The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) is a U.S. military vehicle equipped with a small, mountable Grove crane, The first units were produced in the early 1980s and continue to be delivered today.


Notable mentions:

AT400 (1987 – 2003)


HL150T (1983 – 1987)


RT700E Series (2000 – Present)


GMK6400 (2013 – 2022)


GRT8120 (2020 – Present)




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