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Making the best even better

For over four decades, National Crane boom trucks have led the industry in innovation, helping owners get more jobs done each day. Now the latest generation of cranes are set to raise the bar even higher.

For years, National Crane boom trucks have been recognized as the best in the business. “Boom trucks that perform like traditional truck cranes,” is just one of the many regular compliments these popular and productive models receive.

Bob Ritter, product manager for National Crane boom trucks at Manitowoc, explained what else customers love about these ubiquitous workhorses.

“Flexibility during set up, advanced features and better operator comfort are other qualities our customers pick out,” he said. “National Crane products have been manufactured in the U.S. for more than 40 years and have continually innovated over that time. Now, under The Manitowoc Way, that innovation is increasing and with our latest models we’re setting new standards for excellence.”

In keeping with its commitment to quality under The Manitowoc Way, the company developed its latest National Crane boom trucks in conjunction with a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program, where feedback from end users is interwoven with the engineering process. The two most recent launches from the new generation are the NBT40-2 Series and NBT60L and both are already winning admirers across North America.

Field-proven design

Introduced at CONEXPO 2020, the NBT40-2 Series feature improved load charts and additional operator and service enhancing features, making them suited to improve the overall productivity of the machine. This model is ideal for work in the commercial or residential construction industries or any application demanding a tough, reliable machine.

The NBT40-2 Series is a combined re-engineering of the reliable NBT40-1 series and the popular NBT50L Series. By upgrading the capacity, reach, comfort and features while maintaining the same overall weight as the NBT40-1, the NBT40-2 brings better performance to the job site.

“The NBT40-2 series continues the evolution that started with our NBT50L Series,” said Bob Ritter. “We’re completely re-engineering our boom truck series, adding many productivity-enhancing features and providing the strongest and most competitive load charts available. With the NBT 40-2 series, we’ve created the strongest 40 USt (36.3 t) and 45 USt (40.8 t) cranes around, but with no increase in the GVW. With two options for capacity and reach, we’re providing customers with options that suit their specific needs. It’s great example of how Manitowoc’s Voice of the Customer process helps us create the cranes customers want.”

The NBT40-2 series offers easier maintenance and parts access compared to its predecessor. It also shares several traits with the NBT50L series, including its electrical and controls architecture. The commonality between these two models minimizes the need for operator and technician training for users of both products.

Class-leading reach

Launched in late 2019, the NBT60L is a 60 USt (54.4 t) product offering that features the longest boom length in its class with 151 ft (46 m) of main boom and a maximum main boom height of 161 ft (49 m). It can be equipped with an optional 36 ft (11 m) off-settable lattice jib that reaches a maximum tip height of 196 ft (59.7 m), providing a winning combination of exceptional capacity and unmatched reach.

The NBT60L is ideal for work in the oil and gas industry, as well as utility sectors thanks to its long main boom and stout turntable design, which minimize machine flex and provide operators with increased confidence when lifting. The 161 ft (49 m) main boom height is also great for holding tools above well heads or lifting and setting long utility poles in place.

“The oil and gas and utility sectors were in mind when we added a new 60 USt (54.4 t) National Crane model with a longer boom option,” Ritter said. “We are committed to engineering solid and reliable boom trucks that National Crane operators have come to expect. Listening to our customers is fundamental to The Manitowoc Way, and the NBT60L, with its long boom and higher capacity, is exactly what they wanted.”

To find out more about the NBT40-2, NBT60L and the rest of the National Crane range, visit our website here, or click here to find a local dealer.


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