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Manitowoc Garage – How to use the Data Logger in Grove all-terrain cranes

Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) helps customers operate their cranes more efficiently, get more work done faster, and work with greater precision. Part of the on-board control system is the CCS Data Logger, which provides customers with data about crane use and reports any faults that might occur. By using this data, technical issues can be diagnosed more easily and without any third-party assistance, leading to faster repairs and maximizing uptime.

To explain how to use the Data Logger in a Grove all-terrain crane equipped with CCS, Manitowoc has created a YouTube video in its ‘Manitowoc Garage’-series.

The video will show you how to make the most of the data logger ­­– you’ll find out how to transfer data to your computer, detect error codes and find out what they mean with the help of the Manitowoc diagnostic code app. To optimize your operations and minimize downtime, the video also tells you how to use the Crane Evaluation software to explore crane usage as well as lift duration, and find out when exactly a fault occurred during a lift.

See below for an extract from the video:

Watch the full Manitowoc Garage video on the Data Logger here.


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