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Nimble Crane to shine light on Autism Awareness Month with vibrant crane wrap

The company plans to unveil a Grove 5150L crane with an autism awareness wrap in April as part of its support for the cause. Over the years, Nimble Crane has prioritized engaging with its surrounding community on important issues.

Autism Awareness Month is coming up in April and Nimble Crane is gearing up to make a bold statement. The company is preparing to launch a newly adorned Grove GMK5150L all-terrain crane with a vibrant wrap designed to draw attention to the cause. The initiative reflects Nimble Crane’s commitment to addressing important issues for both oilfield members and the broader Odessa, Texas, community.


Nimble Crane began advocating for autism awareness when VP of Business Josh Robbins, a close friend of a parent with an autistic child, took the lead. For many years now, Robbins has been a strong voice for the cause and uses his love for softball to raise awareness. Nimble Crane’s workforce includes individuals with autistic children, underscoring the company’s commitment to the issue.


“We intend to use our platform to shine light on autism awareness while addressing other relevant social topics within our community, driving meaningful change,” said Ben Ellis, Nimble Crane’s president. “We are proud of this initiative, and it will mark the first time one of our cranes will serve as an ambassador for autism awareness to both the oilfield and community that supports us.”

While the company has promoted autism awareness in recent years, this is the first time one of its most active cranes will emblazon the colorful wrap. In April, Nimble Crane plans to share photos of the crane on its website and social media platforms along with information on the company’s initiatives aimed at raising funds for autism awareness.

Nimble Crane routinely engages in flag-flying ceremonies to support various community charities; they currently own a Grove GMK7550 crane equipped with a wrap that represents a tribute to veterans, launched on Veterans Day 2023.

“Our veterans’ wrap hit home for numerous people in our company and community,” Ellis added. “Our goal is to launch a newly wrapped GMK on a social topic that is paramount to us and the community every time we purchase a new Grove. We have three more that we plan on launching in the future.”

To learn more about the Grove GMK5150L, click here.


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