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Potain self-erecting cranes: a go-to solution in an evolving marketplace

Potain self-erecting cranes are designed to offer maximum mobility, versatility, and capacity to get the job done. Let’s look at the range on offer.

Potain self-erecting cranes in action around the world.

Self-erecting cranes have been growing in popularity over the last decade in North America, and to those that routinely use them on the jobsite, this comes as no surprise. They are efficient, simple to erect, troubleshoot, and operate. For projects with limited footprints, Potain self-erecting cranes can provide the needed reach that enhances jobsite efficiency and flexibility.

Do not let these small and compact cranes fool you. They have the capacity to compete and outperform traditional equipment. For example, the new Igo T 99 boasts impressive load charts: 2,650 lbs (1,200 kg) capacity at the 157.5 ft (48 m) jib tip, and a 126.3 ft (38.5 m) height under hook.

They also bring more user-friendly operation and better sustainability to projects. For instance, with their remote controls, operators get unparalleled visibility and precise load placement. This is because they are free to choose the best vantage point from which to operate the crane. In terms of delivering a better operating environment, electrically powered self-erecting cranes bring noise and emissions reductions, enabling builders to comply with city restrictions and excel at green building initiatives.

Potain has developed four distinct types of self-erecting cranes:
From top left (clockwise): A Potain Hup M 28-22; an Igo 21; a Hup 40-30; and an Igo T 85 A.

  • Igo M / Hup M (Autonomous mobile self-erecting cranes)

  • Igo (Hydraulic mast)

  • Hup (Hydraulic/Telescopic mast)

  • Igo T (Telescoping lattice mast)

Each of these series has been developed with unique capabilities that offer various features and benefits that help contractors solve the jobsite challenges they most often encounter.

Ultimate mobility: Igo M and Hup M series

Symbolized by the “M” in their names, the Igo M and Hup M series offer the most flexibility when it comes to transportation and mobility. These cranes come with integrated counterweights and transport axles, making them immediately ready to be transported from one jobsite to another, regardless of distance.

Both Igo M and Hup M series have a bi-folding hydraulic mast with a single height under hook.

Once on the jobsite, the transport axle has a steering function that makes it easy to maneuver the crane into position using the wireless remote control.

The Potain Hup M 28-22 is the largest crane available in the series and has a maximum jib length of 92 ft (28 m). It can be folded into a 38 ft (11.6 m) by 12 ft (3.6 m with 25 kph version) and (3.68 m with 80 kph version) package during transport, making it the most compact in the category. Crane steering, installation, and erection are supported by Potain’s exclusive Smart Set-Up software, and the cranes can be fully erected within 30 minutes.

Unparalleled versatility: Igo Series

Fast, agile, and easy to transport and operate, Potain Igo models come in eight different configurations that help boost productivity on a variety of jobsite needs, small and large. The Igo range provides long reach and excellent hook heights within a small footprint, making these models ideal for space-restricted work in urban and suburban areas. An adjustable-spread chassis and three operational jib configurations add to the range’s versatility.

The Igo 50 is the largest crane in the Igo range. Its 4.4 USt (4 t) maximum capacity makes it suitable to handle large loads in multi-unit residential and commercial building projects. The crane’s quick setup and ease of use help keep projects on budget and schedule. As with all Potain self-erecting cranes, the Igo 50’s operation is quiet and emissions-free.

The series offers optional transport axle sets that are compliant with North American highway specifications, simplifying road transport. Multiple pin positions enable optimal weight distribution.

Ultimate setup: Hup Series

The Potain Hup Series is quick to erect on the jobsite, with versatile features to help you get to work with utmost efficiency. Hup models have bi-folding, hydraulic masts that erect or dismantle in minutes at the push of a button. Innovative technology enables them to be erected in 16 different configurations for lifting. This range also has unique movement technology that enables the jib to unfold over the top of its base. This preserves space under the crane when working in narrow and compact areas.

While operating, the Hup cranes have new and exclusive Drive Control functionality, with three operating profiles (High Precision, Standard, and Dynamic) for the slewing movement. There’s also a Micro speed setting to offer smooth and functional operation on the hoisting movement.

The Hup 40-30 is the largest crane in the series. Its telescoping, hydraulic mast gives operators the option of working at heights of 82 ft (25 m) or 98 ft (30 m). A three-position 131 ft (40 m) jib provides extra versatility, and it can be used horizontally or at 10° and 20° angles. It’s also compatible with Igo transport axles.

Unmatched capacity: Igo T Series

The Igo T series offers customers a variable height lattice mast system that delivers the strongest load chart capacities. The all-steel lattice structure of this crane, which echos a traditional tower crane, enables heavy loads to be hoisted to longer radii with an efficient jobsite set-up.

Cranes in the Igo T series have capacities that range from 4.4 USt (4 t) – 8.8 USt (8 t). Max radii measure from 131.2 ft (40 m) - 164 ft (50 m). The Igo T series can be operated via an optional Ultra View Cab, or by using the wireless remote control. These cranes are equipped with the RVF Optima slewing mechanism, enabling operators to have more precise crane movement and improved productivity.

The last model Igo T 99 is the first Igo T equipped with CCS control system associated with HPS (High-Performance Slewing) mechanism and HPL (High-Performance Hoisting) mechanism. The erection is supported by Potain’s exclusive Smart Set-Up software.

Even with their strong reaches and capacities, the Igo T series cranes are still easily roadable, needing only a single trailer for transport and 2-3 additional loads for all crane counterweight and mast. Their compact footprints ensure efficient operation on even the tightest jobsites.

The Potain dealer network can help with assessing the best model of crane for your unique business and applications. Your local dealer can also provide crane sales and rentals, along with industry-leading training, parts, service, and more.


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