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Putting innovation into practice

Manitowoc’s Service Engineer Alberto “Jhun” Sales Jr. provides a glimpse into the world of crane service support, highlighting the dedication and expertise required to succeed in this dynamic field.

Alberto Sales Jr., otherwise known as Jhun, spent three memorable years at Manitowoc as a service engineer. During this time, he has collected a handful of stories that he enjoys sharing with his colleagues. Jhun is responsible for serving the Middle East and Africa regions, where he works diligently to ensure that Manitowoc mobile cranes can be repaired and operated seamlessly.


He joined the company as a service technician and has since worked his way up to become a service engineer. In a conversation with Looking Up, Jhun shares his experiences with the company and highlights Manitowoc’s commitment to innovative design, which ultimately benefits both the engineers and the customers they serve.


Looking Up: Can you describe one of the most memorable service support jobs you have been involved with at Manitowoc?


Jhun: The job I completed in Jordan was one of the most unforgettable experiences in my career. I still recall replacing the entire superstructure frame of an RT Crane, which required the careful transfer of hydraulic and electrical components from one crane to another. It was a highly technical job, but successfully completing it gave me a great sense of achievement.


LU: How does Manitowoc’s commitment to innovative design make your job easier?


Jhun: The introduction of the Crane Control System (CCS) has made my role as a service engineer much more efficient. The widespread availability of the system in our cranes has streamlined processes and enhanced the overall efficiency of crane maintenance. As a result, it has significantly reduced my workload, making it easier for me to carry out my duties.


LU: What’s the best part about being a Manitowoc service support engineer?


Jhun: I really enjoy interacting with Manitowoc customers and hearing about their stories and challenges. Traveling to diverse locations and meeting clients in person allows me to delve deeper and address any issues that they may be facing more effectively. We work hard to resolve any problems that our customers might encounter on a day-to-day basis. A happy customer is what it’s all about!


LU: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?


No hobbies for me, currently. If I’m not fixing a crane, I enjoy reviewing the latest technology and design of mobile cranes. I’m passionate about this industry and keeping up with its latest trends and technologies.


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