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Service kits from Grove: make crane maintenance simple

Manitowoc has launched a new maintenance program for Grove all-terrain crane owners. The initiative offers customized parts bundles with up to 10% cost savings, helping cranes remain in peak condition and giving customers ultimate value for money.

A GMK service kit.
A GMK service kit.

Manitowoc has unveiled a new service kits program designed to simplify maintenance processes and increase customer satisfaction. The program is tailored to the regular Grove all-terrain crane service programs and offers significant cost savings to owners.

The service kits program provides parts bundles curated for each model in the GMK crane range, including all necessary components for routine maintenance. These kits contain typical parts such as oil and air filters, O rings, and many other components.

“The kits are designed by model, and the crane’s age isn’t considered because the maintenance level is what it is when it is needed,” says Astrid Hager-Guthrie, Manitowoc’s parts pricing manager. “So, for 1,000 hours, we make recommendations for the different components on the crane and wrap it up into a kit. Let’s say for engine oil filters: whatever is required of the significant components after 1,000 hours of service, that’s what goes into the kit, and at a reduced list price.”

Manitowoc recommends different components based on the crane usage, typically around the 1,000-hour service mark, to ensure every kit is tailored to meet the precise maintenance requirements.

A Grove GMK5250XL-1 all-terrain crane.
A Grove GMK5250XL-1 all-terrain crane.

The service kits program also offers a 10% discount for purchasing as a bundle, compared to buying individual components. Customers also only pay for shipping one kit, as opposed to ordering multiple parts separately, which reduces expenditure and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple shipments.

Over the years, Grove all-terrain crane maintenance intervals have evolved, especially for models with two engines versus single-engine variants. Manitowoc has adjusted the maintenance intervals to ensure that every crane receives the appropriate level of care, optimizing its operational efficiency.

Manitowoc’s extensive dealer network facilitates seamless communication and service delivery for customers. In addition, during the warranty period dealers handle routine maintenance tasks, leveraging their expertise to maintain customers’ cranes.

For customers looking for the most comprehensive maintenance solution, Manitowoc also offers tailored contracts. These contracts span 3-5 years and involve a monthly subscription fee, providing worry-free cover for all required maintenance.

“With Manitowoc's Service Kits Program and comprehensive maintenance contracts, crane owners can now enjoy enhanced convenience, lower costs, and peace of mind, ensuring their equipment remains in peak condition for years to come,” Hager-Guthrie adds.


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