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Six good reasons to buy original parts for your crane

Using counterfeit parts in your crane can have devastating consequences. In this article we look at six good reasons not to take the risk.

Operating cranes with counterfeit parts can have fatal repercussions, yet many companies are trying to save a few dollars by retrofitting third-party parts of dubious origin, even though the consequences can be devastating — and in the worst instances, fatal. So, if you’re tempted by one of these cheaper, copy parts, here are six useful reminders of why you should avoid it at all costs:

1. Safety: Producers of counterfeit components often falsely claim that their versions are of the same make and quality as genuine products. While the visual appearance may be close, their parts are unlikely to conform to the original manufacturer’s specifications and quality, or maintain their standards for continuous improvements. As such, they pose a serious threat to the smooth operation of a crane installed with counterfeit products.

With an intimate knowledge of the crane, only the original manufacturer is qualified to confirm the total compatibility of spare parts. Generic counterfeit parts typically meet only a few basic criteria of original parts, and can even change the characteristics of the equipment.

2. Manufacturer warranty: Only genuine parts enjoy the benefits of a warranty from the crane manufacturer. If counterfeit parts are integrated into cranes from Manitowoc, regional certifications and warranties automatically become null and void. Manufacturers cannot be held liable, nor assume any responsibility, for damage caused by a crane fitted with counterfeit parts.

3. Service life: Genuine parts from Manitowoc are designed to last for years and extend the service life of our cranes. Generic parts, on the other hand, can cause premature wear of other components because they are built by companies that do not understand or have access to the overall specifications of a crane. Just like a broken ankle that doesn’t heal correctly can cause hip problems — everything is connected!

4. Cost control: Genuine parts guarantee reliability, whereas generic counterfeit parts can result in higher maintenance cost due to equipment failure and downtime. If a hydraulic oil filter costs half the price of the recommended item, should it be a surprise if it only does the job half as well — or lasts half as long? Hydraulic circuits are expensive — quality oil filters are not. Always think about the bigger picture.

5. Traceability: Genuine parts are subject to rigorous testing and traceability. Manitowoc has invested millions of dollars in the construction of its Product Verification Centers worldwide, to ensure every single component offers the highest quality and performance — the same cannot be said of counterfeit producers.

6. Technical support: Genuine parts allow you to benefit from high-quality, specialist technical support, a service you won’t get from an anonymous internet vendor who is most likely supplying parts for a wide range of machinery from a wide range of manufacturers.

So, how can you be sure that the part you’re ordering is genuine? Well, going through your local Manitowoc dealer is the best way to be sure, as it completely removes the risk of receiving fake parts. But here are some other questions to consider if you’re buying Manitowoc parts from elsewhere:

  • Is the price especially low?

  • Are there are imperfections in the finish or color?

  • Have the labels been poorly printed?

  • Is the full identity of the seller clearly indicated?

  • Are the terms of sale (payment, support, delivery) clearly defined?

  • Is the seller’s address just a Post Office box?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ then investigate further before buying, and do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Manitowoc contact to make sure!

For more information on original parts versus counterfeit parts, visit here.


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