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Urban outfits tailored by Potain

Whenever the ongoing regeneration of Chinese cities requires tower cranes to be precisely tailored to meet their specific needs, Potain can be relied upon to produce something that fits like a glove.

Despite being one of the world’s largest countries it’s almost impossible to visit China and not see a tower crane at work somewhere. Its many vast cities have been undergoing development for decades, with huge economic growth invariably leading to the construction of giant high-rise developments in city centers to cater for business and hub functions.

Many Chinese first- and second-tier cities have also introduced policies for the renovation of older communities – areas where infrastructure is aging and building density is high, adding an extra level of difficulty to any reconstruction or expansion. So selecting the most suitable tower crane is an especially important part of any construction project. With the overall productivity, security and local environment to consider, it’s no wonder so many companies turn to Potain. The company’s cranes manufactured at its local plant in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu help to perfectly meet the needs of urban areas.

The 10 t capacity Potain MCH 170, for example, is ideal for use on the narrow and crowded construction sites typical of those central business districts, where aerial rotation is limited and requirements for safety and efficiency are high. Recently used to further the Chinese government’s efforts to transform Shenzhen into a global business center, this revolutionary tower crane offers many of the same compact and spatial benefits of a topless design, but with the innovative VVH hydraulic luffing system enabling the jib to be raised from horizontal to 87° in under two minutes.

Safe satellite districts

While development continues in the increasingly congested urban areas, the satellite districts that house the growing population are also expanding. Here projects tend to focus on commercial, medical, educational and other activities. Many designs are precast concrete and typically are built on less congested sites.

Built specifically for such projects in China,the Potain MCT 278 series of topless tower cranes are perfect for prefabricated construction. One such recent application was the Guiyu Jiangnanfu real estate development project in Xiangshan.

Available in 10 t or 12 t maximum capacities, with tip loads at its 70 m jib end of 2.3 t and 2.2 t respectively making it one of the best-in-class performers for long-distance lifting, the MCT 278 offers superb efficiency and reliability. With its topless design providing greater slewing clearance, and a compact counter-jib of just 17 m (regardless of whether the jib is at its minimum 30 m or extended to the full 70 m in 5 m increments), the unit is ideal for use in multi-crane operations where speed of construction and productivity is a high priority.

No doubt these models will also find a role in the next wave of construction to sweep the country. Emphasizing sport, health, and culture, China’s government is planning the provision of a large number of stadia and art performance venues in various cities; almost all of them relying on the assembly of an integral steel structure that will require the assistance of medium or large tower cranes.

In response, Potain will continue to leverage the best designs of its cranes in use around the world to meet the precise needs of the Chinese market – ultimately allowing those customers to work more productively, safely, and profitably as they overcome the challenges of operating in such demanding urban environments.


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