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“When the situation is urgent, there’s nothing better than Grove GMK Remanufactured Parts”

The Grove GMK Remanufactured Parts program helps longstanding Manitowoc dealer Stirnimann to keep customers happy and act fast when repair is urgent.

Manitowoc’s rebuild and remanufacturing program EnCORE gives cranes a second life by refurbishing customers’ used equipment. But sometimes it’s only one major component that needs replacement to get the crane up and running again. Manitowoc dealer Stirnimann AG, based in Olten, Switzerland, regularly uses the GMK Remanufactured Parts (R-Parts) program, especially when the crane repair has to happen quickly.

“One of the main advantages of the GMK R-Parts program is the optimization of resources,” said Daniel Wyss, operations manager at Stirnimann. “The components we order through this program are delivered ready for assembly and only need to be installed. Our technicians prepare the crane for re-assembly while the parts are on their way.”

“When the situation is urgent, there is no better alternative to this system. Our purchasing department saves time because they don’t have to search for repair kits or sub-components, so all our energy can go into optimal planning. Our technicians can concentrate on their area of expertise and work with high-quality, manufacturer-tested components. This saves time, cost and resources, which is also a benefit for our customers. There are no risks, only advantages!”

When a crane component needs replacement, remanufactured parts can help customers to get their cranes functioning again. Through the GMK R-Parts program, Manitowoc offers a selection of remanufactured parts, such as electronic components, motors, transmissions, gearboxes and hydraulic cylinders. Each remanufactured part comes with a one-year warranty and is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a malfunctioning component with a new part.

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