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Conquering Middle Eastern skies

Manitowoc's Field Service Engineer for Tower Cranes Vitaly Artemyev shares his experience of supporting Potain customers in Dubai and beyond.

Vitaly Artemyev has an exciting job as a field service engineer for tower cranes at Manitowoc. He spends a lot of time high above the ground and enjoys stunning views from the top. But there are challenges too — it is physically and mentally demanding and can require coping with harsh weather conditions.

In this conversation with Looking Up, Artemyev talks about his love for the crane industry, the challenges and rewards, and shares some of his most memorable experiences.


Where are you based and how long have you been with the company?

I joined Manitowoc in July 2012, and since July last year I’ve been based in Dubai, UAE, serving customers across the Middle East region.


What are the most challenging aspects of the job?

As a service engineer for tower cranes, there are always challenges. I am working at height, with high voltage equipment, and often in harsh weather conditions. It can also be physically demanding. Even a simple repair job that could easily be completed on the ground can turn into a difficult task requiring high levels of focus when being performed at the top of a tower crane. However, at Manitowoc we also have a strong culture of training and process-based operations for service engineers. This ensures the securest possible working environment and means projects progress smoothly. Potain cranes are also designed to facilitate easier installation and maintenance, both for technicians and operators, so this helps us as well.


And what are the best parts?

You create the most incredible memories and work with some talented engineers. When you complete an assembly task you get a great sense of achievement, and you know you helped to build something real.


Tell us about one of the most memorable jobs you were involved with?

Just recently I was at a jobsite erecting a very large Potain MCT 1005 crane on a project looking right across the Red Sea. We were able to enjoy the stunning landscape and sea view while also putting together one of Potain’s biggest and most powerful cranes. The weather was hot, which would have been great for a day at the beach, but for us — the erection team — it was a big challenge as we had to be in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)!

I remember the challenge of getting such a big crane into the air, but I also remember the beauty of the project and the achievement we felt when we completed the task. We got through it with lots of water and the occasional cool breeze.


How does Manitowoc’s commitment to innovative design make your job easier?

It makes equipment installation and commissioning much easier. The intuitive, compact, and intelligent design saves us time on the jobsite. There are built-in slinging points on sections, which makes it easier for the assist crane to handle them, and the layout of the connection points means easier mounting. Once the crane is assembled, the VISU+ system makes it much easier to fine-tune any settings ahead of it starting work. This makes sure the crane is in optimum condition at the start of the job.


LU: What’s the best part of being a Manitowoc service support technician?

I really enjoy the opportunity to work in a professional environment with tower cranes that benefit from the very latest design and technology advances. I also really enjoy the expansive views I get when working with tower cranes.


LU: When you are not working on cranes, what else do you like to do?

I love cycling, beach holidays, and unwinding in the sauna.


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