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Toughness, reliability and power across the world

Compact footprints and precise lifts make Grove rough-terrain cranes a favorite with customers at job sites everywhere.

The launch of the Grove GRT8120 at CONEXPO 2020 in Las Vegas saw Manitowoc unveil its latest new designation rough-terrain cranes. Ever since the first of the new generation cranes launched back in 2016 they have continued to grow in popularity, with customers praising their reliability, versatility and durability on the job site.

Since the first GRT units began rolling out of the factory gates, Manitowoc has launched a succession of new models in near-record times. It also expanded production of GRT cranes outside the U.S., setting up a production line at its Niella Tanaro plant in Italy to meet growing demand in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Each of Manitowoc’s cranes is designed and built following extensive customer research, incorporating feedback from dealers, owners and operators. This is a key factor in explaining why both Grove’s newer GRT cranes as well as previous generation cranes have been so successful worldwide. They’re versatile too, and can be found in a range of applications, from construction to mining, and from energy to industrial projects.

In this article, we’ll hear from a few happy owners about what they love about these dependable workhorses.

First in New York

In New York City, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (GLDD), a large provider of dredging services in the U.S. and beyond, took delivery of the first Grove GRT880 in the area to service marine equipment installation and the repair of vessels at its Staten Island facilities.

Before it acquired the GRT880, GLDD used multiple cranes to accomplish the same amount of work. But the addition of the new rough-terrain crane caused a spike in efficiency, and the company found it ideal for the tight quarters of its shipyard.

“It’s so versatile that we don’t need to use as much equipment during peak work periods,” says Stephan Brogna, yard manager of GLDD. “We can get the same amount of work done with the GRT880 as we did with multiple previous-generation cranes, which has helped us to achieve a solid return on our investment.”

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First GRT8100 at UAE oil fields

Grove RTs are well-known for their proven reliability in oil and gas applications. In the Middle East, one company to take advantage of this is Obaid Kneish and Sons, which purchased its first Italy-made Grove GRT8100 to work in the oil fields of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The company was immediately impressed with the crane’s competitive load capacity, build quality and smooth operations, and has since added two more to its fleet.

“The GRT8100 offers really strong load capacity while delivering precise movements, which is a big advantage when the crane is handling expensive oil-drilling equipment,” said Butti Alhamly, owner, Obaid Kneish and Sons. “Reliability and consistent high performance are vital for us, especially as the cranes are working in the oil fields for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.”

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A GRT655 in Pennsylvania

While their popularity extends across the globe, Grove RT cranes remain the backbone of construction projects all over North America. In Philadelphia, a Grove GRT655 helped build the base of two buildings along the Riverwalk Project, a massive development in the U.S.’s old capital.

B. Pietrini and Sons, which purchased the GRT655 specifically for the project, highlighted the compact footprint and maneuverability of the crane on the job site. Company CEO, Fran Pietrini, said the GRT655’s compact size was a particularly big selling point but also praised many of the crane’s other features.

“The crane operators love the tilt cab,” he said. “It’s a lot more comfortable and the 20-degree tilt enables them to see exactly where they are placing loads, especially when the boom is at a high angle, which helps improve our job site visibility.”

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A fleet of RT550E in Italy

At the Manitowoc plant in Italy, it’s not only the newer GRT cranes that are built locally but previous generation models too and both are popular. One local company that selected Grove to support its operations is Officine Dandrea, which purchased four 45 t (50 USt) RT550E rough-terrain units for petrochemical construction work.

“The RT550E fits our requirements perfectly,” said owners Giacomo and Nicola Dandrea. “It can perform lifts that were previously only possible with a two-axle all-terrain crane, meaning it also has a lower total cost of ownership.”

The company found the cranes particularly useful for work in congested areas with limited workspace and the units have dimensions that fit European road regulations for heavy machinery, making them easier to transport from site to site.

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