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Grove rough-terrain cranes: the oil and gas industry’s #1 choice

Why are Grove rough-terrain (RT) cranes so popular for oil and gas work? We spoke to Saudi Arabia’s Tamimi Rentals, to find out. The company operates Grove RT cranes at some of the world’s largest oil and gas facilities. 

Grove rough-terrain cranes have long been the go-to for oil and gas contractors on energy projects worldwide. That’s because when it comes to strength and control nothing comes close, according to Saudi Arabia’s Fahad S Al-Tamimi (known as Tamimi Rentals).

“Grove rough-terrain cranes have very good load charts – typically around 25% better than competitive machines. We appreciate the precise and customizable movements that the Crane Control System (CCS) offers. Having exact control is important when lifting complex and expensive equipment around oil rigs,” says Mohammed Fahad S Al-Tamimi, CEO of Fahad S Al Tamimi & Partners.

Tamimi Rentals has supplied Grove RT cranes since 1978 to support the world’s largest oil and gas company, Aramco. The two companies have a long history of co-operation based on mutual success. At the end of 2022, Tamimi Rentals received the final deliveries of its most recent order – a giant 50-crane deal for Grove GRT8100 and GRT8120 machines – all destined for major Aramco projects. 

Strength, durability and precision

Alongside their strength and control, Grove GRT cranes offer superb maneuverability for navigating challenging and unpaved roads, thanks to their compact dimensions and four steering modes. This is hugely beneficial on busy jobsites, while Manitowoc’s reputation for quality and care provides heightened peace of mind in an industry where high standards are essential, and risks must be always minimized.

The latest GRT8120 and GRT8100 cranes for Aramco projects are already proving invaluable on multiple tasks. These include handling heavy materials (like pipes, equipment, and chemicals), installing new equipment, lifting reactors, placing distillation columns, and more. The cranes offer almost every possible combination of strength and length to handle each task.

“After years of running Grove rough-terrain cranes, we know they can handle whatever is thrown their way. So, when we had to specify machines for the Aramco contract, it wouldn’t have made sense to choose anything else,” adds Al-Tamimi. “Their ongoing popularity is down to their ability to maintain operational efficiency at project sites. You can’t beat the reliability of Grove cranes, and we get excellent service support from our local Manitowoc dealer.”

Al Tamimi has run numerous Grove all-terrain and rough-terrain cranes down the years, and many of the units the company purchased decades ago are still in operation.

“We know Grove cranes are reliable, and whenever we need anything, our strong relationship with our local dealer, Kanoo Machinery, is a huge benefit,” notes Al-Tamimi.

The after-sales service offered by Manitowoc encompasses a wide range of valuable support and maintenance activities. All are designed to ensure reliable and productive crane operations. 

“Effective after-sales service is vital for customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships and reputation. In Tamimi Rental’s case, cranes operate around the clock, so immediate issue resolution is imperative. To do this, we have a technician dedicated to Tamimi Rentals who works alongside Kanoo Machinery. They provide service support, technical expertise, training, safety checks, and more,” says Paulo Costa, regional sales manager at Manitowoc.

The Grove GRT8100 has a 47 m five-section, full-power boom with a 100 t maximum capacity. The crane can handle 9,785 kg at its full 47 m extension and a 44 m working radius. The final machines in the significant 50-crane order were delivered at the end of 2022, joining a fleet of 17 Grove GMK6300L all-terrain cranes that the company also runs.

The 120 t capacity Grove GRT8120 is a two-axle rough-terrain crane, with huge lifting capabilities. It has a seven-section, 60 m MEGAFORM boom, with up to 80.8 m of tip height when using the unit’s optional jib. It also offers the option of the MAXbase asymmetrical outrigger system, allowing greater flexibility on congested jobsites.

Formed in 1978, Tamimi Rentals has used its Grove cranes to support companies such as Saudi Aramco, SEC, and SABIC. The company is headquartered in Dammam, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.


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