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Infrastructure snapshot: projects in Northwestern China

Potain tower cranes are supporting three impactful infrastructure projects in Northwestern China with their high efficiency, unparalleled reliability, and strong profitability ensuring the projects complete on time and on budget. Read this to learn more about the projects and check out our local 360˚ cameras to get a closer look.

Northwestern China makes up over 70% of China’s landmass but accounts for less than 20% of its total economic output. As such, it represents an area of huge economic opportunity for the Chinese government, and a major infrastructure push is in place to advance the future prospects for this enormous part of the country.

For many decades, Potain tower cranes have been a go-to solution for in infrastructure in China, and across the world, with their unparalleled reliability, performance, and close control delivering increasingly large and technically advanced structures.

In this article, we focus on three impactful infrastructure projects and how Potain’s cranes are working to bring to life these structures with the potential to transform people’s lives.

Xi’An High-tech Zone Yuhua Village resettlement commercial housing project

Yuhua Village was a 75-acre residential district located in the heart of the Xi’An High-tech Zone. Surrounded by Xi’an downtown’s skyscrapers and commercial buildings, Yuhua Village remained a space that did not quite fit its high-rise, hi-tech surroundings. As a result, the city government launched a resettlement project in 2018, aiming to totally upgrade the old village. In 2021, the old buildings in Yuhua Village were removed, and the new grand commercial housing project began.

A fleet of Potain MCT 138 cranes are supporting the project, and were chosen for their high efficiency, impressive reliability and unparalleled ease of transport. The MCT 138 utilizes Potain’s newest technologies to ensure operator productivity and comfort. These include the standard variable frequency mechanism, which greatly enhances the crane performance, and the Optima trolley mechanism, which enables operators to adapt trolley speed to the load, improving accuracy. The crane is also equipped with digital on-site maintenance tools that allow operators to closely monitor the live performance data and maintenance information.

You can check out a 360˚ view of the project here.

ShanXi Province Art Museum expansion project

Located at the heart of downtown Xi’An, ShanXi Province Art Museum houses some of the most precious art pieces in China and has become a popular tourist attraction. To expand the museum and its visitor capacity, the 66-year-old facility is undergoing a major expansion. Once completed, the museum will double its area, allowing it to better collect and preserve ancient art pieces such as China’s famous terra cotta soldiers.

As the museum expansion is located in a busy urban area, flexibility was key when selecting the crane. In the end, the contractor opted for the Potain MCT 138, which offers jib lengths from 30 m (100 ft) to 60 m (200 ft), allowing it to provide support across the majority of the site. The MCT138 also has the ability to reach the heights the project requires with fewer tied-off supports than alternatives. All these features delivered the flexibility the contractor was seeking, making the MCT 138 the perfect crane for the job.

You can check out a 360˚ view of the project here.

Lanzhou University Yuzhong New Campus construction project

As one of China's top universities, Lanzhou University continually seeks improvements in its capabilities as it targets enrollments from the very best students from across China. To ensure it remains an attractive choice, the institution is seeking to enhance its infrastructure and research facilities. In 2021, Lanzhou University announced plans to expand its campus, investing over $230 million to construct the new Yuzhong campus. Upon completion in late 2022, the new campus will provide education and research opportunities for over 9,000 students and faculty members.

For this work, a Potain MCT 188 was selected for its cost-effectiveness, fast return on investment, and strong profitability. In addition, the MCT 188 has benefited from Manitowoc’s high quality control design process, making it a reliable choice for large-scale construction projects.

You can check out a 360˚ view of the project here.


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