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Manitowoc Garage – how to use CCS in Potain tower cranes

This edition of the Manitowoc Garage series explains how to make the most of the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) in Potain tower cranes.

With CCS from Manitowoc, Potain tower cranes deliver increased lift performance and help customers get more work done faster and with greater precision. The system also ensures a speedy crane setup and offers an integrated maintenance tool. CCS is available in all Potain crane models of the latest generations — as well as all other product lines from Manitowoc.

To help you make the most of this tool, Manitowoc has created a handy YouTube video in its ‘Manitowoc Garage’-series. This tutorial on Potain CCS cranes will guide you through the system’s many functions step by step, such as activating the speed limiting device for precise operation or how to use the Potain Plus (P+) function for lifting greater loads at a specific radius. You’ll also learn how to customize slewing, trolleying, and hoisting and how to test these functions.

See above for an extract from the video or watch the full video on Manitowoc Garage here:


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