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Most viewed jobsite stories of 2023

2023 was a fantastic year for Potain and Grove cranes. Our world-class machines had a global impact on jobsites, providing effective solutions and enhancing efficiency across various projects. You can explore numerous successful jobsites right here on Looking Up.


As we bid farewell to 2023 and shift our attention to the approaching New Year, we’ve highlighted the most popular Potain and Grove stories of the year. From working on a high-speed rail link in the UK to a church in Italy and a skyscraper in Thailand, Manitowoc cranes proved to be the right decision for overcoming a variety of construction challenges.

Potain cranes chosen for major new high-speed rail link in the UK

Eleven Potain MR 225 A luffing jib cranes were chosen to construct the Colne Valley Viaduct in northwest London as part of the groundbreaking high-speed HS2 rail line. Once complete, the viaduct will be the longest railway bridge in the UK and carry trains 3.4 km across a series of lakes and waterways between Hillingdon and the M25 highway. The first MR 225 A was erected in June 2022 and the last one will be dismantled in March 2024.

Implenia partners with Stirnimann and Potain on Central Malley project in Switzerland

A complex construction project in western Lausanne, Switzerland, successfully used one Potain MDT 308 and three MDT 389 top-slewing tower cranes to lift materials for buildings up to 80 m in height. The project involves creating a new eco-district to meet environmental challenges and promote energy autonomy, including 23,700 m² of offices, 200 housing units across 14,700 m², and 3,800 m² of commercial space.

Two Grove all-terrain cranes team up to repair historic Italian church

Located in Pinzolo, Italy, the San Lorenzo church’s 100 kg cross was struck by lightning and detached from the building’s bell tower in 2022. Two high-performing all-terrain cranes — a Grove GMK4100L-2 and Grove GMK4100L-1 — were called on to help repair the bell tower, originally constructed in 1867. Despite major space limitations, the two cranes worked in tandem and replaced the fallen cross in just a single day.


Potain tower cranes triumph in remote French Alps cable car project

A mix of Potain self-erecting and top-slewing tower cranes were used on the renewal of the ‘3S Jandri Express’ cable car line in the ski resort of Les Deux Alpes, France. The construction company is building two cable car stations at an altitude of 2,600 m, plus another one at 1,600 m, as well as a garage for the gondolas. Among the cranes used are MDT 389 L16, MDT 249, Igo T 130, MDT 349, HD 25, and GTMR 386 cranes.

Limestone mine in Turkey hails rock-solid performance of Grove GRT8120A

Grove GRT8120, the largest Grove rough-terrain crane in Turkey, was promptly put to work in the demanding environment of a limestone mine in the country. The crane’s durable design and powerful lifting performance render it well-suited for the demanding work within the mine.

Large fleet of Potain luffing jib cranes selected for innovative skyscraper in Bangkok

Eleven Potain tower cranes are working on Cloud 11, a mixed-use building project in Bangkok, Thailand. The project has already garnered four international design awards and will be home to Thailand’s first YOTEL hotel. Each crane was selected to match the constraints of the congested jobsite and provide productive lifting support across the whole development. The fleet at work includes units of MCR 295 H25, MCH 125, and MCH 175 models.


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