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My First Manitowoc: A capable Potain MC 175 B

Dao Anh Vu, managing director at Minh Chi Co., describes his first experience with a Manitowoc-made crane that helped his company deliver a high-profile project ahead of schedule in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Minh Chi is a Potain dealer that sells and supports cranes across the country.


Looking Up: When did you get your first Manitowoc crane? Which model was it?

Dao Anh Vu: My first Manitowoc crane... I remember it well. It was October of 2006. We purchased a Potain MC 175 B top-slewing tower crane with 60 m (197 ft) of jib length and 8 t (8.8 USt) of maximum lifting capacity. It was a fantastic model then, and it performs just as well now. There is very minimal maintenance and low operating costs, which we appreciate.


LU: What led you to choose that model?

Vu: We needed an easy-to-assemble tower crane that could handle a variety of residential and commercial projects. The Potain MC 175 B had everything we were looking for. It was suitable for high-rise construction and equipped with enough load capacity to adequately lift most building materials.


LU: When did you first see the MC 175 B? What was your first impression?

Vu: We came across the crane in 2006, and we already knew about Potain’s reputation as a famous and trustworthy brand throughout Europe and across the world. We quickly learned that this crane is reliable, steady and reached our height requirements. We were sold!


LU: What stood out about the crane to you?

Vu: The build quality of the crane is very impressive. Its mast and anchorage frame are very stable, and it’s clear that it was crafted with high-quality paint. Our operators were also impressed with the comfort of its cabin and controls.


LU: How was this crane different from other models that you’ve used before?

Vu: The MC 175 B has a simple assembly process and the perfect capacity that the market required. It can be set up quickly and dismantled easily. Additionally, the crane is notable for its longevity, which is a testament to Potain's crane quality.


LU: What was the first project the Potain MC 175 B worked on?

Vu: It was the Saigon Pearl, a high-end residential complex next to the Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Several towers were constructed with a host of amenities.


LU: What function was the crane performing?

Vu: It was used to pour concrete and lift goods onto rooftops. These included steel plates, windows, and air conditioning systems, among others.


LU: Was the project successful?

Vu: This project was actually completed ahead of schedule! It was a huge accomplishment for our team. The Potain MC 175 B played an important part in that success.


LU: How did your first Manitowoc affect how you perceive subsequent projects and acquisitions?

Vu: Once we became more acquainted with our Potain MC 175 B, we understood the value of its quality. Even after many years of use, used Potain cranes can be sold off easily and at a reasonable price. After-sales servicing and spare parts support is another strength that not all manufacturers are able to provide in many markets. Potain really stands out from other manufacturers. We've loved the past 17 years of working with Potain and look forward to many more happy years of partnership!


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