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Training hub in Singapore drives best practice

Manitowoc’s new regional training facility for crane technicians across Asia is already a huge success. It ensures attendees keep up with the latest models and technologies, delivering even better on-site efficiency in one of the world’s busiest crane markets.

Operators across Asia are busier than they have been in years — and that means their cranes require even more care and attention. So, Manitowoc has opened a training facility at its regional headquarters in Singapore to provide even greater support during these busy times, helping owners take on more work and avoid delays or penalties from unexpectedly downed equipment.

Open to the service technicians of Manitowoc customers and dealers alike, the new center provides both in-person and online training courses on a weekly basis. The intensive courses generally last five days and are designed to offer in-depth immersion in procedures and techniques that are vital for the upkeep and optimum performance of Grove, Potain, or Manitowoc cranes.

As cranes become increasingly advanced, their maintenance involves much more than performing regular lubrication and traditional safety checks. It’s vital that technicians are up to date with all the latest technologies, especially those that ultimately make their task much easier, such as the GROVE CONNECT diagnostic and troubleshooting software that is now factory-fitted on almost all new GMK all-terrain cranes, or the equivalent POTAIN CONNECT platform for tower cranes.

“With work levels being so high at the moment, crane owners are clearly recognizing the importance of ensuring maximum uptime and extracting the most efficient performance from their cranes,” said Marco Zucchet, director of sales, after-sales, and marketing at Manitowoc in Singapore. “Since the world began opening up again after COVID, our training center has already proved to be a huge success, with many dealers and customers either flying in technicians from across Asia to attend these courses or signing them up for virtual participation.

“The verdict of those technicians has been exceptionally favorable, with many appreciating the chance to get to grips with new or unfamiliar technologies in a much more relaxed environment than on-the-job learning usually allows. For some of the more experienced technicians, their time with us also acted as a useful refresher course, ensuring they hadn’t slipped into incorrect or inefficient ways of working, while offering the chance to exchange ideas as part of our Voice of the Customer process.”

To find out more about the wide variety of training available from Manitowoc click here.


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